Angelus cats & dogs

We offer many products that will become a staple
in your everyday life.

What we hope customers will feel from our products

Message 01

They will give you a sense of charm to your life

Spending time with your cherished cats and dogs and your favorite accessories every day will make your life more comfortable and provide happiness.
Angelus will send you our own original goods that we make with a focus on the materials and shapes that we use.

Message 02

Local First, and then TO THE WORLD

"We want to discover more and more delicious local foods, cool things and places to see, and achieve things that we can be proud of. We are proud of our many products, so we would like people to see, touch, and taste them
We have an abundance of precious food and materials. We are hoping to provide a lot of charm to the world."

Message 03

What can we do now from where we are?

"Global environmental problems are not other people's affairs. Even starting small, eco-friendly activities will protect lives in the future.
Angelus donates part of our sales to environmental groups so that we can contribute to the creation of a sustainable environment."

Hi there.
Angelus familia!


Calico Toro

She is the leader of Angelus.


Shiba inu Potchi

He is Toro's best friend.


Silver tabby Uni

He is the older brother. He cares about his younger sister.


Silver tabby Ikura

She is the younger sister. She keeps her own pace.